Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emotional Eating – How to gain control

If you are anything like me….FOOD WAS MY FRIEND!!!  When I was sad it was there to comfort me, when I was happy it was there to celebrate with me.  Recognizing why we eat is HUGE in losing weight.  Ever found yourself eating when you aren’t hungry.  Those are the times that you should take a step back and ask yourself, WHY am I eating?!?!?! When you can figure out what the triggers are, you can avoid them like the plague!!

I finally had to accept that I needed to eat to feed my body, NOT my current emotional state!!  I still have my moments, but I always THINK before I eat.  Always figure out where my head is before stuffing my face full of food. 

I’ve attached a couple of good links that I think are worth a read.

I only got 1 question the other day:
Is swimming a good form of Cardio exercise?  It’s in the top 5.

Running is one of best activities you can do. It doesn't require special equipment (except some quality shoes) and you can do it anywhere. Best of all, you burn serious calories, especially if you add hills and sprints. A 145-lb person can burn 300 (at 5.2 mph) in 30 minutes. The downside is, it takes lots of practice and you should watch your knees and ankles for any discomfort or pain.
2. Cross-Country Skiing
Whether you're on a gym machine or swooshing over miles of snow, cross-country skiing is an incredible cardio exercise. What makes it so great is that it involves your upper and lower body, which means it doesn't take much to get your heart rate soaring. A 145-lb person burns about 330 calories during 30 minutes of skiing. The downside is: it's HARD. Take your time and ease into it.
Outdoors or indoors, cycling gives some great cardio. Using all the power in your legs, you'll increase endurance while burning lots of calories, anywhere from 250-500 in 30 minutes, depending on how fast you go and how high your resistance is.
The elliptical trainer is a great way to build endurance while protecting your aching joints from high impact activities. Plus, if you use one with arms, it's just like using a cross-country ski machine. The elliptical trainer is also a good choice for runners looking for a break from pounding the pavement. A 145-lb person burns about 300 calories in 30 minutes.
Swimming, like cross-country skiing, is a full body exercise. The more body parts you involve in your workout, the more calories you'll burn. Spend 30 minutes doing the breastroke and you'll burn almost 400 calories. Best of all, your joints are fully supported so you don't have to worry about high-impact injuries. It's also great cross-training for other cardio activities.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Workout and Misc....

Here is a bigger Before & After Pic.....

My workout consists of:
30-40 Minutes on Treadmill - Alternating Walking & Running
30-40 Minutes of various Weight Training
25-30 Minutes Bike - with the last 5 minutes cooling down.

I try to go every other day....but we all know that life sometimes gets in the way.
I also swim for 40-60 minutes once a week.  

If anyone has a questions, please feel free to add it to the comments section and I'll answer them tomorrow!!!

Thanks for following me on my Journey!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Huge Milestone Reached

As of this morning I have lost a total of 102lbs.  I haven't been on the scale in a week because of my travels.  It feels so good and I have come so far. 

Today's blog will be about staying FOCUSED.  If you can remain focused on your goals, almost hyper-focused you will achieve great things.  I'm not saying to obsess about your diet....but stay focused on the end result you are looking for.  

You have to take each meal as it comes.....and make good decisions.  I've heard it all from "is that ALL you are going to eat" to "Your eating that AGAIN?".  My answers are YES & YES.  I don't care if I eat Meatballs & Pasta Sauce every day...because there isn't anything that tastes as good as -102 pounds FEELS!!!  I can guarantee you that!!! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What to Eat?

I was traveling today so this is NOT a good day to post as an example.  I didn't eat anything wrong, just didn't eat much at all. :(

First and foremost.......
NO Bread
NO Potatoes
NO Rice
NO Pasta
NO Corn

On a typical day I will have the following:
Breakfast -
Salsa or Hot Sauce
Half & Half
Splenda Flavors for Coffee

Lunch -
Salad with Grilled Chicken(lettuce, spinich, onions, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage - a REAL SALAD)
Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing

Dinner -
Lean Meat - Chicken, Shrimp, Turkey, Lean Beef
Small Salad
Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing

Snacks -
Atkins Bar or Shake
Light Yogurt
Sugar Free Pudding

You can have fruit....But NO Bananas, Mango or Melon
You can have 2 servings of PLAIN Oatmeal per week.  I use Butter, Splenda Brown Sugar & Cinnamon to make it taste good!

I'm exhausted today, so I'll post again in the morning!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Welcome to the Lightened Load.  After having my before and after pictures posted on Bob Harper (from the Biggest Loser) Facebook Wall, I've had a ton of requests on what I did, how I did it and how I stay motivated.  I decided to put the information on one page and that way I can help many more people.

I'm a 42 yr old mother and grandmother.  In January of this year I decided that enough was enough and sought out the help I needed.  I went to a weight doctor who immediately put me on a protein only diet for 2 weeks and gave me medication to help me out ~ just for the record I haven’t taken any of meds since May.  I thought they were crazy that day, and after about 10 days eating only protein I thought I was going crazy :)~.  I made it through though and during those first 2 weeks I kicked all the Carb & Sugar addictions.  I believe that without those first 2 weeks I wouldn’t have been so successful.

I also want to mention that I am NOT done, I am still on this journey with you all.

I will post new entries everyday or multiple times a day so check back with me daily!