Wednesday, January 26, 2011

-114 and a Renewed Commitment to ME!!!

So I've lost another 7lbs since my last post.  Its been a while...I wont lie!!!!  Today is a new day and a renewed commitment to myself.  I've been in a pretty stressful situation, living in the hotel but it hasn't beat me!!  I need to stop drinking so much coffee :( and put my butt back in the gym.  I need to MOVE everyday...even if its running the stairs at home.  

On February 4th we move into our new townhouse!!!  We cannot wait, and to be in a normal living situation is going to be great.  Not having a "real" kitchen has been a challenge, but I've made do with what I've had!!!  

My blog will probably turn into more of a journal, but I have learned so much from others journeys so I'm hoping I can be an inspiration also!!!   

Here I am today......feeling fabulous!!!!!